• March 24, 2023


    Amendments to the Federal Tax Procedure Law

    The UAE Cabinet has issued Federal Decree-Law No. 28 of 2021 (16 September 2021), amending Federal Decree-Law on Tax Procedures No. 7 of 2017 (11 June 2017) (The Federal Decree-Law on Tax Procedures) effective from 1 November 2021.

    The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) will today start implementing new procedures to facilitate the ease for tax registrants to submit reconsideration requests and objections to the FTA’s decisions, for implementing the decisions of the Tax Dispute Resolution Committee (TDRC), appeal procedures, controls for reducing administrative penalties, the payment of penalties over instalments and exempting penalties.

    S.No.Application timePrevious time lineNew Timeline
    1Reconsideration requests20 business days40 business days
    2Issuance of a decision on a reconsideration application by FTA20 business days40 business days
    3Applying for an objection on a decision made by FTA to any reconsideration application to the Tax disputes resolution committee (“TDRC”)20 business days40 business days
    4Challenge any decision made by TDRC before the Court20 business days40 business days

    When filing an objection before TDRC, only the tax amount (as against tax and penalties

    previously) should be deposited for admissibility of the case.

    The TDRC’s final decisions regarding disputes exceeding AED 100,000 should be deemed as executory instruments if they were not appealed before the Competent Courts within 40 (previously 20) business days from the date of notification of the outcome of the objection.

    An alternate mechanism for filing objections and appeals to be prescribed for federal and local government entities in tax disputes for which the Cabinet shall – according to a suggestion by the Minister – issue a respective decision.

    As a pre-condition for filing an appeal before the Competent Courts, a minimum of 50% of penalties (or as may be decided by the Competent Courts), to be paid either by way of cash transfer or bank guarantee (as opposed to full amount).

    Cases for waiver, refund and payment in installments of administrative penalties to be reviewed and approved by a special committee (previously by the FTA). The separate decision by the Chairman of the Board of the FTA shall set out the formation of the committee, its bylaws, and the manner of holding meetings for such cases.

    The Cabinet decision is now expected for more details on controls and procedures to be used during committee meetings, regarding approving the payment by installments of the penalty amount or totally or partially waiving or refunding it. The controls specified in the Executive Regulation of the Federal Decree-Law on Tax Procedures are not anymore referenced as a result of the amendments.

    An increase in the time limits for filing tax applications/objections and softening the requirement to pre-deposit only tax amounts for filing objections before TDRC and 50% of penalties at the time of appeal before the Competent Courts should significantly ease the tax disputes procedures for the UAE taxpayers.

    The FTA has confirmed that the new amendments advance a series of developments and enhancement plans for tax legislation and procedures. These are designed to facilitate objection to the authority’s decisions by extending objection periods for individuals, improve the efficiency of the tax system, further registrants’ confidence in it, and support taxpayers in fulfilling their tax obligations with easy and transparent procedures.

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