SAIF ZONE Approved Auditors play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and compliance of businesses operating within the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone).

Established in 1996, SAIF Zone has emerged as an important hub for commercial activities, offering investors a strategic location and a range of pre-built warehouse and office spaces to establish their operations in Sharjah. With its rich trading history dating back centuries, Sharjah boasts over 45% of industrial activity in the UAE, making the SAIF Zone an attractive destination for businesses seeking growth and expansion opportunities.

One of the distinct advantages of SAIF Zone is its cost-effectiveness compared to other emirates in the UAE, making it a preferred choice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish a presence in the region. The focus on industrialization has further propelled Sharjah's growth, with the free zone experiencing a remarkable periodic growth rate of 13%.

SAIF Zone Approved Auditors ensure that businesses comply with regulatory requirements, maintain accurate financial records, and uphold transparency and accountability in their operations, thereby fostering trust and credibility within the business community and beyond. With SAIF Zone Approved Auditors, businesses can navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance and optimize their growth potential in Sharjah's thriving business ecosystem.


It is essential for businesses operating within the SAIF Zone to adhere to the regulatory requirements concerning audits. According to SAIF Zone guidelines, companies within the free zone must ensure that their books of accounts are audited and submitted within 90 days from the end of the financial year. Failure to comply with this mandate may result in legal consequences, including the non-renewal of the SAIF Zone trade license. To mitigate such risks and ensure regulatory compliance, SAIF Zone has designated registered auditors who play a crucial role in verifying financial records and ensuring transparency and accuracy in reporting.

SAIF ZONE Approved Auditors are responsible for conducting thorough audits of companies within the free zone, ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines and financial transparency. By working closely with SAIF Zone Approved Auditors, businesses can navigate the audit process effectively, mitigate risks of non-compliance, and maintain their operational licenses.

With timely and accurate audits, companies can demonstrate their commitment to regulatory compliance and uphold their credibility and reputation within the SAIF Zone business community.


The appointment of a SAIF Zone auditor is a critical requirement set forth by the SAIF Zone authority for corporations operating within the free zone. According to regulations, companies must enlist the services of SAIF Zone approved auditors to conduct audits of their books of accounts. This audit process is obligatory for corporations seeking to renew their Trade License within the SAIF Zone jurisdiction.

It's important to note that companies within the SAIF Zone are strictly prohibited from engaging auditors not included in the SAIF Zone auditors list. Compliance with this regulation ensures that audit procedures adhere to the standards and guidelines specified by the SAIF Zone authority, thus maintaining transparency and integrity in financial reporting.

At Excellence, we are proud to be recognized as SAIF Zone approved auditors under the name of MANSOOR MULLA AUDITING OF ACCOUNTS. Alongside our auditing services, we offer comprehensive business solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various free zones in the UAE, including SAIF Zone, DMCC, DAFZA, DIFC, JAFZA, DSO, DWC, and many more.


Excellence adheres to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Accounting Standards (IAS) for Accounting, and the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) for Auditing.

When ensuring financial transparency and compliance, selecting SAIF ZONE Approved Auditors is paramount for companies operating within the SAIF Zone. These auditors possess the expertise and accreditation necessary to conduct thorough audits of business books, ensuring adherence to local and international regulations. By entrusting auditing tasks to SAIF ZONE Approved Auditors, companies can strengthen their credibility with stakeholders, government bodies, financial institutions, and other relevant authorities.

At Excellence, we go beyond mere compliance by offering comprehensive auditing services tailored to the specific needs of businesses within the SAIF Zone. Our team of seasoned professionals conducts meticulous audits and provides insights and recommendations for enhancing organizational performance and achieving strategic objectives. With our support, companies can navigate the complexities of financial reporting with confidence, paving the way for sustainable growth and long-term success in the competitive business landscape of the SAIF Zone and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For companies registered in SAIF Zone (Sharjah Airport International Free Zone), they must be audited by SAIF Zone listed auditors. According to free zone regulations, all companies registered in SAIF Zone should have auditors approved by SAIF Zone to prepare annual audit reports.

Every company has to maintain books of accounts, at the registered office or any office that the board of directors may decide. If the company is maintaining books at an office other than the registered office, it has to intimate the same to RoC. The company can maintain the accounts electronically also.

Books should be maintained for a period of 5 years from the end of the relevant financial year.

The Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority has stipulated a number of businesses registered under it. In order to renew their license without any failure, external audits are conducted. The subsequent documents required while conducting auditing are:

dot Bank statements
dot Credit/ debit confirmation for all financial transactions in the Books of Accounts
dot All invoices-purchases and sales
dot Trade License, Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA)
dot VAT certificate

Excellence is an approved auditor in SAIF Zone offers various services including Financial Advisory Services, Tax Consulting Services, VAT Registration, VAT Deregistration, and Internal/External Audit for Companies, Business Advisory Services, etc. in UAE.

As a SAIF Zone approved auditor, we offer the best services to the participating companies. Get in touch with us.

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