• March 24, 2023


    As per DMCC regulations every Company must appoint an auditor who must examine and report on the financial accounts of that Company.

    The directors of a Company must prepare and approve financial accounts and arrange for these to be audited by an auditor approved by DMCC and approved by the shareholders after the end of the financial year of the Company as per the due date of the concerned authority.

    A Company can only appoint an auditor, if the auditor has been approved and registered by DMCC and they have been listed in the Approved Auditors List.

    Advantages of appointing approved Auditor

     • Provision of exceptional quality audit services to the company.

     • Assurance that Audited Financial Statements represent a true and accurate financial 

        position of the company.

     • Improvement in detecting of any inaccuracies in financial statements.

     • Improve detection of any possible fraud and non-compliance with rules and         

        regulationsset by governmental authorities.

    If a DMCC member company submits reports from an auditor who is not on the AAL, DMCCA reserves the right to reject the submission and require the member company to submit a new report which has been prepared by an AA on the AAL.

    How Excellence can help

     • Excellence Group Company Mansoor Mulla Auditing is one of the approved auditors DMCC.

     • Excellence has in house team of Qualified Chartered Accountants with more than 10

       years of experience.

     • Dedicated client service team, to assure timely assistance to any concerns you might

       have and better coordination between the client and operations.

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