The objective of the “Audit and Assurance” assignment is to provide an Independent audit opinion on annual financial statements of the company for each financial year covered by the term of the audit appointment.


Legal constituent for audit and assurance activity:

Mansoor Mulla Auditing of Accounts is DMCC, DAFZA, JAFZA approved auditors, with license number 738553 and approved by Ministry of Economy to carry out activities of Auditing. We are also registered as an approved company liquidators with DMCC in Dubai, UAE.

According to the UAE Commercial Companies Law, Federal Law No. 2 of 2015, Article 27, Chapter 2, every company shall appoint auditors for auditing their books of accounts by a licensed auditor registered under Ministry of Economy in the UAE.

Businesses that are registered under the trade free zones and hold the trade license issued by the free zones, require their annual financial statements to be audited at the time of renewal of their trade licenses. As the financial year in the UAE, is the calendar year.


An audit provides independent verification that the financial statements are a true and fair representation of the entity’s current situation. This provides invaluable credibility and confidence to your organisation’s customers/clients, stakeholders, investors or lenders and even potential buyers. Also, it helps your organization to meet the statutory requirements and regulations to make sure that the organisation is 100% compliant with all of its current statutory obligations.

An audit can be an effective tool for identifying fraud and opportunities to commit fraud. Experienced auditors are skilled at pinpointing weaknesses in an organisation’s systems and controls and suggesting ways to strengthen these to prevent fraud occurring.

An audit confirms the accuracy of an organisation’s financial statements by analysing its financial transactions. It’s a detailed process and can result in certain types of income, expenditure, assets and liabilities being scrutinised. This critical examination, coupled with the auditor’s financial expertise, can then be used by business owners for better financial planning, budgeting and financial decision-making for the future.The auditors and auditing firms in Dubai, UAE review the accounts of companies and organizations to ensure the validity and legality of their financial records of the auditing process of companies in Dubai & UAE.


As per DMCC regulations every Company must appoint an auditor who will examine and report on the financial accounts of that Company.

The directors of a Company must prepare and approve financial accounts and arrange for these to be audited by DMCC Auditors and approved by the shareholders of the company within six months after the end of the financial year of the Company.

The role of the Approved Auditors DMCC is to obtain reasonable assurance that the annual accounts prepared by the Member Company are free from material misstatements, whether due to fraud or error and are properly prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.


Excellence is one of the leading audit firms in Dubai, UAE, registered with DMCC as approved auditors. As standard practice, we at Excellence follow the statutory requirements and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS Standards) and International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and strive to provide the best audit experience. Our objective is to examine accuracy of books of accounts, verify the authenticity and validity of transactions, and to issue an auditors' report that includes our opinion.


  • We will carry audit of the financial statements of client (“the Company”) which comprise of the statement of comprehensive income, the statement of changes in equity, statement of cash flows, and a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory notes.
  • Conducting independent audit of the financial transaction in line with International Standards on Auditing and International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Expressing an opinion on whether the financial statements are prepared, in all material respects, with the applicable financial reporting standards and frameworks, whether the client has maintained proper books of accounts, and the accompanying financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position of the entity based upon the material evidences.
  • Auditor reserves the right to ask for documents according to the nature of assignment agreed.


  • Income: Revenue, Profit on sale of non-current assets, Other income.
  • Expenses: Cost of Revenue, Salary and Wages, Depreciation, Contractual expenditure, Loss on sale of non-current assets, Bad Debts, Other Expenses.
  • Current Assets: Cash & Bank, Short term investments, Receivables and Prepayments, Inventory.
  • Non-Current Assets: Property, Plant, Furniture and equipment.
  • Current & Non-Current Liabilities: Creditors and accruals, Loan Borrowings, Provisions for employee entitlements.
  • Other: Statement of changes in equity, disclosure of contingent liabilities, Statements of cash flow, Accounting policies and notes to the financial statements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Excellence group entity Mansoor Mulla Auditing of Accounts is Registered and Approved Auditors in DMCC, JAFZA,DIFC,DAFZA, DWC, DSO, SAIF Zone, Hamriyah Free Zone, DED, The Dubai Design District (D3),TECOM, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Internet City.

Yes, we are Approved by Ministry of Economy under registration no 843.

Yes, Our Reports are Widely Accepted with all the Major Banks in UAE.

We follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for Auditing and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) for Accounting.

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